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"I was sent home to die - but I survived!"

Fibromyalgia  Diabetes  Asthma  Congestive Heart Failure 
High Blood Pressure  Neuropathy

"I am 61 years old and I want you all to know that Iím here from what was once my death bed to SCREAM out my story, this is how excited I am.

I have been on a downhill struggle for 18 years. Bed-ridden in California I was sent by doctors to the Loma Linda Pain Clinic with shots given up under the skull and down the back and epidurals in the spine for all my pain. The pain, not only from the fibromyalgia (the neuropathy in my legs and feet total loss of feeling from below knees down), from the diabetes, months of falling, asthma, congestive heart failure and high blood pressure, the list goes on.

I decided to move my three daughters back to Texas to live with my older daughter because I knew that I was dying. The fibromyalgia was getting to the point where the charlie horses (PAIN) were so severe. We werenít here for even 4 months before I was on a walker. Confined when my asthma became full blown because of the stifling humidity. By August, I was being pushed in a wheel chair hauling a tank of oxygen. My fibromyalgia got so bad that my back and neck would get such painful charlie horses that it would draw my head back, eventually these covered my neck and my throat cutting of air passages and I would stop breathing several times during the night. This of course affected my heart (congestive heart failure) and my, type II diabetes (totally uncontrolled) doctors did not know what to do with me and I did not care all. I was so tired of the pain and suffering I just wanted to ask God (if only Father I could rest and you would remember me later.)

The doctors had nurses come the next day with a huge oxygen machine for my bedroom with a 30 foot cord so that I could make it around the house. I was a PRISONER........and I retreated to my room to die. Three weeks later a dear and wonderful friend came to my home told me of her ailments and bouts of suffering, left me samples of
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)) and told me how to take them faithfully and told me, Get Well, just get well. Within a week I had noticed a difference so I also ordered the Silica Plus.

Two weeks later there were more improvements so I ordered the Major Minerals. I continued taking them faithfully even through detox. It has now been about five months since starting GHT Products and I am Pain Free, I work in the yard some, I go places with my girls, no more signs of asthma, I look younger, my skin is healthier, I have gobs of energy. Everyone would tease me about my three little hairs. Now my hair is much thicker. MOST OF ALL, I am not so sick, suffering pain, I am breathing, (the doctor is going to start weaning me off the oxygen completely), I have a voice again, not depressed or feeling worthless, I have an all-around sense of well-being.

s, Iím fired up with zeal to talk to everyone that has fibromyalgia. Nobody should have to live with that much pain and suffering ----------- NO ONE HAS TO. Thank you Global Health Trax, and thank you so much Tommy Jo for caring.
--Sheryl L, Texarkana, Texas


"I almost lost both of my legs & I'm pain free!"

Blood Clots  Systemic Lupus  Fibromyalgia
Pleurisy  Asthma  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"I have been sick since 1984, diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Pleurisy, Asthma, CFS, (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Deep Vein Thrombosis & every year I was in the hospital no less than 4-7 times a year. My chest being torn apart because my lungs would collapse from the numerous times they had to drain my lungs. I would wake up with a tube coming out of my chest the size of a garden hose. Finally had a Vena Cava Filter implanted to stop the clots from reaching my heart & lungs & on Coumadin & masses of other drugs, such as Prednisone, Flovent inhaler 3-4 times a day, Zoloft, the list goes on, almost $1000 a month on medications at times.

I was scheduled to have a double amputation on 10/10/01,(I will "never" forget this date). I had to use a walker to walk, Circ Aides, leg braces & leg wraps due to the massive blood clots, my time was finally running out. I was plagued with so many blood clots that everyday I was fighting for my life. I have many friends from all over the world who would graciously send me products to help me, I would take everything they sent religiously.......nothing helped. Then finally a friend told me about Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)) & Colostrum FM & sent it to me 2 1/2 weeks before my scheduled double leg amputation.

I got the product and the "FIRST" day I felt it work in my body!! I was amazed!! Within 3 days I no longer used my braces, no more walker, "ALL" my pain from my Lupus, Fibromyalgia, CFS, blood clots, "GONE"!! I no longer use my inhaler for the first time in 17 years!! I can't tell you the anxious feelings I got. For the first time since 1984 I was "PAIN FREE" !!

The Dr's told me I would never lose the clots I already had, well I had a sonogram done and more than 50% of my clots are "GONE"!! And I will be keeping both of my legs!! I walk like I am 20 years old again, my energy is the greatest it has been in my entire life!! I was living in my bed literally for the past 1 1/2 years. I am a new person!!

And just when I think I can't feel any better, tomorrow comes and I experience even greater stamina, energy, absolutely zero depression, I find I have greater tolerance to doing daily routines and most of all, "towards people"!! And I no longer take my medications except for Coumadin, which I will soon be off of this also.

I am writing this in hopes it can change your life or maybe a loved one. I thank God everyday for my friends who did not give up on me. Even if you think you are healthy, believe me, I have friends who are very health minded and physically fit & this product has surprised them!!"
--Z. Sheline, Kansas, USA

"I have my life back! Thank you."

Seizures  Arthritis

"Thank you Global Health Trax for your wonderful product, Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). I have had extreme pain from arthritis for years and I have been afflicted with a seizure disorder since childhood. Every day, I used to take six to eight 600 mg tablets of Ibuprofen for pain and seizure medication that was so strong it created a mental fog similar to what someone would experience taking a very strong antihistamine.

Since taking the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), I no longer take any medication and for all practical purposes am seizure free. The only thing I have done differently is added the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) into every glass of water I drink. I am therefore convinced that this product is the reason I am able to live without these two medications. I have more clarity of thought and more energy. I require less sleep and awake refreshed ready to start another pain and seizure free day. I have my life back! Thank you."
--M. G. P., San Diego, California

"I consider Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) to be essential and will not be without it -- ever" 

Energy  Breathing

"I have been taking Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) for about three months. After an initial period of detoxification that was a little uncomfortable, I noticed a marked increase in energy and zest for life. My skin is noticeably healthier. My eyesight has improved and I seem to need less sleep.

In addition, my daughter developed quite a serious breathing difficulty. This disappeared within two weeks of using
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) and has shown no signs of these difficulties returning in the last two months.

I consider
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) to be essential and will not be without it -- ever." 
--B. S., Medford, Oregon

"The medical profession has no known cure for this disease!"

Congestive Heart Failure  Asthma  Emphysema
MRSA  Scoliosis  Arthritis  Thrombophlebitis

Both time and space prohibit me from listing all of the sickness, diseases, and hospital stays that I have had in the last three years. I will begin with March of the year 2000. On March 18th I was sent home from the hospital and my daughter and son in law came to visit me from Florida. I was in bed, immobile and in severe pain, so much so that I would literally
holler when I was moved at all. I was being given morphine to control the pain and it wasn't working too well. Within the next two weeks I was back in the hospital two more times.

On the first of April my doctor came to the house and in answer to a direct question by my son in law said, "She is already in multiple organ shutdown and will not last a few days or weeks at the very most." I was put in hospice care in preparation for the end of my life. My diagnosis is as follows; methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus or better known as MRSA (pronounced mersa).

The medical profession has no known cure for this disease! It normally starts in the lower respiratory system and then travels to the upper respiratory system where it becomes airborne. This is a super bug and usually ends up fatal. Anyone around a person with MRSA has to wear gloves, mask, and gown in all ministrations of same. Everything that is touched by said person or used in any way must be kept separate and washed with anti-biotic soap. Hands must be thoroughly washed after any contact whatsoever.

I was also diagnosed with congestive heart failure (arrhythmia), osteoporosis, scoliosis (the spine has hairline cracks all the way down which causes severe pain), severe asthmatic, emphysema, thrombophlebitis causing the legs from the knee down to be a dark red and purple, retention of fluids causing swelling, and of course painful arthritis. I also have
several allergies but in light of the above feel that they are not worth mentioning.

At this time I was on twelve different medications, twenty four hour oxygen, and a nebulizer every four hours. I am also an excessive compulsive so I had so much (stuff) clothes, papers and anything that came through the doors because I never throw away a thing, that my house was totally filled and was killing me with suffocation and dust.

My daughter and son in law came for a visit and ended up being my doctor and nurse around the clock. My son in law began to literally clean house and preach faith and power to me while my daughter tended to my total care needs. I rallied for three months and then the MRSA went to the upper respiratory and began to take my life. My son in law and daughter had contributed to the support of a missionary couple for many years and they
had kept in touch and were aware of the situation with me. Bob Minut (the missionary) called and told my son in law about a product that he thought might help. Well, after listening to a tape my son in law said that he wanted to try it and Global Health Trax came on the scene. The first day of September I started on
Oxygen Elements (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) (a little too heavy I'll admit, but what did I have to lose?).

Two months to the day I was kicked out of hospice as being too well. At this same time we ordered a culture to be taken on the MRSA and the medical profession didn't believe what they were seeing so they took three cultures to make sure and MRSA was totally GONE. I had gone to one hundred drops a day of Oxygen Elements (formerly Hydroxygen) and one hundred twenty drops of silica. Also I was on the vitamins and minerals faithfully. I was now only on six medications and improving all of the time. I was put into home health and one month to the day later I was discharged as being too well. I was now totally in my son in laws hands and have come to the place where I only have two medications and am up and around with minimal pain and am resuming my life.

In three months I have come from death to life and I owe it all to a deep seated faith,
Global Health Trax, a faithful missionary, and a loving daughter and son in law who gave up their own life to give me back mine. I need not tell you that I will be on these products for the rest of my life.

--L.M. LaPuente, California

"As an added bonus, Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)
reduces muscle stiffness and soreness"

Energy  Stiffness

"Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) definitely gives me more energy. Before I started taking Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)  on a regular basis, I was tired all the time. Now I feel more like doing more, both at work and at play. In fact, I just replanted all my flower beds in half the normal time. As an added bonus, Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) reduces muscle stiffness and soreness as I rediscover physical exercise. I was thrilled I could clean up my garden quickly, but I expected to suffer from pushing those out-of-shape muscles. Luckily, I took some Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). It saved me from days of pain!"  
-V. C. El Cajon, California

"I don't struggle for every breath, every day anymore.
I am so grateful for this product"


"All my life I have had to endure living with asthma. Anyone who has had a hard time breathing may think they know that being short of breath is uncomfortable, but they can't imagine what it is like to fight for the smallest gasp of air while everything turns gray as your brain starves for oxygen. I know that feeling. I have been so dizzy and so close to passing out during a full phase asthma attack, that all the fight leaves you, and you feel as if you could just let go and stop struggling. The next day, after a major attack, it feels as if my lungs and ribs got hit by a sledge hammer, and I'm wiped out -- just exhausted. I hate having asthma, and I hate asthma medication. 

Since taking
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), for the first time in my entire life, I know what it feels like to take a deep, complete, satisfying lung-full of air. Breathing is so much easier, and I can actually emerge from an attack much faster and easier when I use this product. I don't struggle for every breath, every day anymore. I am so grateful for this product, and I feel that much better."  
--L. D., Apple Valley, California

"I can read menus without wearing my close-up glasses.
I have lost 23 pounds. Not bad for two and one half weeks." 

Weight Loss  Vision

"I have been on the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) for two weeks. A week and a half ago I could not read my watch face. I had to wear glasses to even see my computer screen. As of the day before yesterday, I was able to read my watch face. I can read menus without wearing my close-up glasses. My eyes are improving. I was starting to think about things like laser surgery and all kinds of other nonsense and all of a sudden I noticed my eyesight is starting to clear. Oh! 

One other thing since I am on the
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) I have lost 23 pounds. Not bad for two and one half weeks." 
--C. G. Orlando, Florida

"I want to tell you it is fabulous"

Rheumatoid Arthritis

" I'm the lady that had the severe rheumatoid arthritis and you sent me a sample of the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). I want to tell you it is fabulous! I'm not taking the other things I have, just to test it out. I am so much better. I am talking it up a storm already with my friends.

Thank you. The product is wonderful." 

-- H. E., Cleveland, Ohio

"I am able to carry on a full and active day
which was impossible two months ago"

HIV  Energy

"I am writing this testimonial simply to let you know how helpful Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has been to me. I have been diagnosed with HIV illness for about ten years now. Taking the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has greatly increased my stamina and general energy level. In the past I had to take several naps a day, but since I have been on this wonderful product, I have felt no need to take these naps. I am able to carry on a full and active day which was impossible two months ago. I've also noticed that I sleep much better. I am more alert and better able to concentrate. As a Registered Nurse I am amazed with the effects that Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has produced in my life.

In closing, I would like to thank you for making this product available to myself and to anyone else who may have similar issues like me.
Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has improved my quality of life substantially." 
--E.G., RN., M.S.N., San Diego, California

"less stress, more relaxed, more calm,
but most important is the effect on my blood pressure"

Blood Pressure  Stress

"I want to share my experience with Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). Since taking the product 3 times daily for one month. The change I did feel about myself was less stress, more relaxed, more calm, but most important is the effect on my blood pressure which was 150/90. Now my blood pressure fluctuates between 132/70 or 122/70. But the biggest change is the way I feel about myself." 
-- P. J., San Diego, California

"I have more energy when I take the product
and I seem to sleep better"

High Altitude  Energy

"I started on the "Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)" a couple months ago. I went through a very heavy detox the first week. I backed off the dosage by half and felt better. I live at 6500 feet above sea level in the Colorado Rockies, so air is thin up here. When I walk up the hill from feeding my horses I don't gasp for air any more like I used to. So that is a big plus. I have more energy when I take the product and I seem to sleep better. I like it and I'm not a health nut by any means." 
--T. F. H., Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Living plants create Oxygen for us!

Plants create Oxygen

Before we polluted our waterways, we used to drink water running down rivers aerated with lot's of healthy Oxygen

When you walk in the forest you can actually feel the higher level of Oxygen

It's good to surround yourself with plants that create Oxygen within our homes!




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