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"He's all about energy now."


My cat, Angel, has nearly died three times in his life when he's been accidentally poisoned--like neighbors spraying with harsh pesticides. His system grew so sensitive that if I fed him a hair more than 1 T of food at a meal, he'd upchuck it. It got so I was telling people that my cat's hobby was throwing up. The carpet looked like ten miles of bad road. And he'd go through periods where he just would "fade out" for reasons I couldn't understand, since I hadn't changed his diet. And he had "open coat" and looked seedy and lethargic. Enter Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus).

I started putting a drop or two in his water (I'm nothing if not inconsistent) for a couple of days, and looked up the third day to see an orange flash streak by. Then it streaked by again. I went into my room, glanced in the bathroom and saw the throw rug crammed against the wall as if something had torn around the corner, jumped on the rug and tobogganed across the floor and into the wall at a high speed.


Well--you get the picture. He's all about energy now. His long-haired, orange and white coat stands out in a fluffy cloud, his eyes shine, he thinks he has invented fierce tigerness, and he is "in my face" about entertaining him because he wants a playmate who has as much energy and a desire for mischief as he does. At 8 years of age, after all those years of dragging his hinder, laying around and feeling wilted, he is like a kitten. Or The Thing That Wouldn't Die. No more sleeping in mornings for me. And he talks. Even when I'm on the phone, he has to give me his yowly little comments and remind me that he's waiting for me to play. He used to be sick as a way of life. Miracle???


And I haven't even told you about my Sheltie.


So, please, do your little fur persons a favor and give them a quality of life you just can't believe until you see it.


Bless you Global Health Trax!"

--Sue L., Fallbrook, CA

He is full of life and energy and is a very happy dog" 


I have a terrific success story.


I give my dog Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) every day twice a day.

Eighteen months ago he was diagnosed with Stage 4 heartworms and was practically given a death sentence. The vet said that his heart was so compromised by the heartworms and that he was at such a late stage that he didn't hold much hope for his survival. However, I insisted that they do everything possible to save him. His heart had swollen to four times it's normal size and his lungs were almost completely full of fluid because his heart couldn't do the proper job. Needless to say, he also wasn't getting proper oxygen to any part of his body. His eyes were cloudy and his coat was dull. He was sluggish and a really unhappy dog.

I was already taking Hydroxygen myself. I decided that there was no harm in giving it to him, as well. I started putting it in his drinking water and also giving it to him directly via a dropper. I mixed 24 drops with eight ounces of water and give him a dropper full each morning and each evening.


Clyde had the regular treatment for heartworms. However, he also got his Hydroxygen every day, twice a day. And when I took him for his follow up appointment after one month the vet couldn't believe he was the same dog. His eyes were clear, his coat was shiny, he had loads of energy and most importantly, his heart had returned to it's normal size and appeared healthy. He didn't even have to go on the heart pills that the vet thought he would have to take if he survived the heartworm treatment.


Though Clyde is ten years old, he acts like a puppy. He is full of life and energy and is a very happy dog. The Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) has also seemed to help his arthritis which he had in one shoulder. He no longer walks with a limp like he used to. It truly is amazing and his remarkable recovery has convinced some of my friends to also give it to their dogs as a supplement.

--Jennifer Neal

"Energy is just one of the results"  


"I've trained therapy and search and rescue dogs for years now, and also train horses using a natural horsemanship technique.


It's my personal belief that Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) does wonderful things for them, just as it does for us. One of my best therapy dogs is now 10 years old, and was beginning to get a bit sluggish. She has also always been one of those dogs that just is not a water drinker. The first day, I put two bowls of water down, one with Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) in it, the other without. She sniffed the first bowl, without the Hydroxygen, and walked away as always. Then she sniffed the bowl with the Hydroxygen in it, and right before my very eyes, she lapped up the entire bowl. The exact thing happened the next day. By the third day, she came running when she heard me filling her bowls, to see if it was Hydroxygen time !! Animals know inherently what's good for them.

Within two days, she was no longer a sluggish 10 yr old therapy dog, but more like a 1 yr old. She had much more energy, and was ready and willing to go back to work helping sick children again. The only problem was, I now had a 10 yr old pup on my hands, and we had to go back over some of the training !!


I will continue to give it to all my dogs, and I have told all my friends that have therapy and search and rescue dogs about the results. I believe the energy is just one of the results we are able to see the dogs get from Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), along with a healthier skin & coat. I KNOW it's doing great things inside their bodies, as it is in ours."

--Jeannie Behling

"Now he's looking like my beauty again" 


"I am the proud owner of a African grey dog.


He was, up until about two years ago, the most beautiful dog I'd ever seen.

Plus many other people said the same thing. He was so beautiful that when we'd walk down the street, people

would cross over, go out of their way to touch him, even get down on their knees to hug him.


But then something went wrong: About two years ago his hair started thinning. At first I didn't worry as his coat was so thick, I thought since we live in Arkansas, he didn't need a full bushy coat.


But then it started getting too thin, bald spots, then rashes, then sores....And a mysterious ear fungus....

In and out of the vet's office....Wearing me down emotionally and financially....


I love this animal with all of my heart, and I will always take care of him, but it was getting to where I had to choose between his medical needs and my own food.....


Then something worse happened:


His anal glands filled up with bacteria on the inside. He couldn't poop.

It was a medical emergency, major surgery. Then it happened again about six months later..... All the while in and out of the vet's office with this skin stuff getting worse....Then the anal gland problem a THIRD TIME......And then about a month ago his skin problem was so severe that his belly and inner thighs turned BRIGHT RED..... and on fire.... he was HOT.... not just warm...HOT .... and he was IN PAIN....


Then Lori King, my dear friend and also sponsor in Global Health, called me about a new product that she'd just heard about. She said she had a video, that she hadn't had time to watch it yet....I said, "Get some of that stuff in here a.s.a.p (which she did) "


Here we are one month later and Wolf now has hair belly, fluffy coat coming back.... so far rashes gone and sores gone, definite hair re-growth.


Now, has the anal gland problem been solved as well? Don't know, but here's my thinking and hope:


Perhaps the same problem that caused the skin sores, hair to fall out was an internal bacteria in his ears, also the same bacteria that was stopping up his anal glands, preventing a bowel movement.


But I can say this: He was so bad off a month ago that I was frightened. Now he's looking like my beauty again."  


"More like a puppy than ever before"


"I have three precious pets I love dearly. They are my children. In fact, in my life... they are my only children, and I'd do everything and anything I could to make their life... a quality life.


I started with one drop in my dog's and cat's water... As the weeks grew, I added more until I reached four drops, three times a day in their water, thus... changing their water bowls, three times a day.

Here is the result...


1) My dog Sammy, she was balding from hypothyroid... I had tried everything to help her from the balding disorder... Today, I trim her hair to look like a Lioness, to allow air to reach the skin...Now that I have added the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) drops into her water... she is beginning to develop more hair, energy, and is able to walk up and down the hills of Chattanooga TN. She is a whole lot better. This has been a wonderful improvement for her. She is 9 years old, and is more like a puppy than ever before.

2) Sheba, is my German Sheppard... She has the beginning of Alzheimer's, with Dementia...since I have used these drops, she appears to be so much more alert and happier. This makes me feel good for her, she is 11 years old, and now she acts like she is 4 years old.

3) As for Smokey the cat, he much sharper and more alive, he is more like a kitten than I ever thought possible, and he is 4 -1/2 years old. He was beginning to become lethargic, until I began to use these drops... My testimony is something I never thought possible until this.

4) As for me, I know... as I use the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) drops. I had a stroke a month ago, and already I am beginning to recover faster than I have ever recovered from other serious illness before. Also, I discovered that I have a hole in my heart, It will need surgery. But In the meantime, I have been blessed with feeling more alive and alert since the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) drops. The hole in my heart leaks the blue un-oxygenated blood into the chamber of the fresh oxygenated blood, thus, 80% oxygen is reaching my vital organs. With the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) drops, I feel more alive. What a gift, and a blessing it is for my precious pets, (my children) and for myself as well....


So there you have it... I don't know what I would have done if I didn't have the blessing of Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus). I thank God every day for Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus)."  

--Elizabeth S

"Happier, friskier and just more alert"  


"We've been using the Hydroxygen for our dogs for about three months. I am "Pug Lady" from the Wed. calls.


We had a male neutered, and his jaws were locked, he could only open less than an inch. We didn't notice right away because he was managing to suck in his food and water and we have several dogs. But I noticed that he seemed to be barking with his mouth closed, and then discovered his problem. Took him to vet, could find no reason for this, everything else was normal. He gave him a couple shots, but there was no improvement after four days more. So, on suggestion of friend who introduced the product to us, we gave him one drop of Hydroxygen in a syringe of water. The next morning, he ran in and jumped on the bed and licked me! He was already able to get his mouth open about 2 inches. We continued with a couple drops a day, and he returned to normal in a week. This after 3 weeks of no improvement.

Some weeks later, we had a female who was having trouble, seemed like maybe her back, she couldn't jump up into Dad's chair like usual. By the next evening, (SAT.) when she tried to walk, she would fall right over on her side. Couldn't eat, drink, or go potty. We started her on the Hydroxygen, 1 drop in syringe of water a.m. and p.m., and 3 drops Silica at noon. By Sun. evening, she wanted to eat supper, she would get up, eat a little, and then fall over again.


But she ate all her supper. Mon. a.m. she was able to stand up long enough to go potty. By Wed., she was trying to run with the pug herd again. We had thought we were going to have to put her to sleep! So at that point, we decided to put all 8 Pugs on a drop of Hydroxygen a.m. and p.m. After 3 months, this female is now friskier than she has been since she was a pup, her coat is beautiful, no more signs of back problem, and her loose knee problem is greatly improved (a benefit we hadn't expected at all!) The rest of the herd has shown quite a bit of change in that they are happier, friskier, and just more alert generally. Our oldest Pug (10 years) used to just lay and sleep in his crate in the back room. Now, he comes into the living room and interacts with us and the other dogs, and even begs for handouts now.


We just had our first litter born last night to female that has been on Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) the whole pregnancy. The are nice, fat, active babies."

--Joan Y.

"He stopped scratching with days" 


"I Have used Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) for our 8 yr. old Cockapoo male dog. He had a dry skin condition that was causing him to scratch constantly. I used 1 drop in his drinking water (about a quart) every day for about a month. He stopped scratching within days, and the condition has not returned. That was about 4 or 5 months ago."

-- O. Greener

"Saved many lives the vets gave up on" 


"I had people use Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) on animals for years. Horses, dogs, cats etc.

Obviously it will work for them just as much as it works on us. Saved many lives of many an animal that the vets gave up on. Cancer included. My dog had asthma unless I put Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) in her bowl. If I missed 3-5 days in a row, her attacks would come back. Talk about guilt."


"she regained all of her hair" 


"Okay, I've had great results with H+ and my dog who had Demedex Mange as a puppy of about four months old. She lost all her hair and looked absolutely miserable. She's a Miniature Pinscher and only weighed about 4 pounds at the time. Years ago, some of these pups were put down because of the severity of the problem.


Dr. Reavis suggested I start her on the H+ so I gave her 4 drops in her morning and evening meals for about 2 weeks and gradually increased the dosage to 10 drops twice a day for several weeks. I also added in Minerals and and our vitamins after a few weeks so she'd have a completely balanced program.


She regained all her hair and when I returned to the vet he was amazed that I didn't do anything except supplement her diet. He had given me medications and a very toxic dip which I didn't want to use on her if I didn't have to.


Hannah is now nearly a year old and I still add H+ to her water just because she likes it.

-- Susan C., Fallbrook, California

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