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My name is Tommy Jo and I have been taking GHT products, Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), Silica Plus, Daily Vita Plus, and Major Minerals.


I was in desperate need of some kind of help. You see I had reached the point of being one of those Bubble People, as my dear friend so fondly describes it. I had reached a point where the allergic reactions to everything had become tremendous, There was nothing left for me to take anymore. My medication, for asthma, kidney's, blood pressure etc., no longer worked or I had such an allergic reaction to them, I couldn't take them anymore. Yes, I am asthmatic, so bad, that as you have heard described, I almost reach the point of passing out. I do pass out from the allergic reactions.


I have been to many different doctors over the years and finally resorted to total, natural, but, my doctor the best doctor I found lived out of country and it became very difficult for me to continue going.


I called a friend and asked her if she knew of any product that was liquid or something I could chew. My kidneys could not handle capsules or tablets anymore. She told me to go to website and read all about Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) and Silica.


I decided to try them, what did I have to lose; I would not make another winter anyway. I have had pneumonia two and three times a year, every year. Lungs were full all the time, fluid around my heart. BP up and down, kidney infections constantly, yeast infections, the list goes on.


I needed to speak with someone who had asthma really bad, and to my surprise, as I read the testimonials, there was Lorin Dyrr's testimonial. Here was my answer!


No, I didn't build slowly. I needed to breath now, so I took the highest dosages I could. Even that wasn't enough.


I was conferenced onto the GHT product call, and I heard Lorin telling someone what she needed to take in order to breath, and what she did in case of emergencies. Yes, this was it!


Let me tell you folks, detox was major, but, you see, I felt that way most of the time anyway.


To my surprise my arthritis, in right elbow and shoulder was hurting, after one week, could use my right hand again.


Then second week I was able to go out of my Hepa filter room and make use of my entire house. By third week my BP had normalized, noticed I had not one kidney infection or yeast infection. I am breathing deeper now.


After two months, I was able to go to the grocery store and purchase my own groceries. What a feeling!

Then I noticed the big large ugly brown spot on my forehead had dried up and soon led off. Yes, after 6 months I had several skin cancer spots I had been treating disappear.


Folks, I have a life, I breathe, I laugh without an attack, I go with my family places again, I have company over for meals, and I don't live in fear if this is my last breath, or how long my heart will hold out. The only thing I am taking at present, ONLY GHT PRODUCTS, Yes, can you imagine!


No breathing machines, no emergency shots, no bronchilators, none of those things. Thanks to my dear friend for sharing this with me and thanks to Global Health Trax (Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus), Silica Plus, Daily Vita Plus and Major Minerals.)

--Tommy Jo P., Texarkana, AR




I am a 67 year old widow. My health has been especially bad since my husband died in November of 1997. I am a type two diabetic with high blood pressure and arthritis in my knees. In June of 1999 my daughter in Texarkana convinced me to try GHT products. I got all four products began to take them faithfully. The first thing I noticed was my blood pressure always remaining 120 over 78 with only one pill to take. The next thing I noticed was my blood sugar dropping into the normal range 80-120. This had never happened before in spite of two different medications and diet. I've been able to cut back on one of my meds and some days on both. I think the part that impresses me the most is the feeling of well being that I have gotten from these wonderful supplements.


In Nov after attending the wedding of my first grandchild to be married I came back home and two days later I knew that I had picked up the virus another granddaughter had while I was there. Normally when anything attacks my throat it goes into voice box and on into bronchitis or pneumonia. I lost my voice a little, began a cough the first day and just knew I was in for another 6 week round coming out of it. But I was in for a pleasant surprise. Next day I had voice back to normal and cough was gone. I kept waiting for it to jump back on me but NO I was totally over the virus. Never happened so fast in all my life.


I've gotten good results with my arthritic knees also. The right knee is completely pain free( it was the worse ) and the only thing I'm taking for them besides Life Support Products is some MSM that the doctor recommended.


I've seen this product do marvels for my youngest grandson, one of the twins my youngest daughter told you about in her testimony, under Lisa DuBose. My oldest daughter is a very bad asthmatic but she will give her own testimony on that. Need I tell you that we are all distributors for GHT as well as two sons in Houston. I keep mentioning different children so I'll just explain that I have two daughters, three sons and 17 grandchildren. And of the 28 of us 13 are using the products, especially H+. Got a few more to convince yet.

--Ruby T., Devine, TX




I have twins, a boy and a girl. The little girl is healthy. My son has had problems with allergies since he was 8 months old. They are both 6 years old now. I gave them the Oxygen Elements Max (formerly Hydroxygen Plus) because my mom was told about it, and tried it for problems she was having. When she read to me what it does for the body and how it would help him with his asthma, I tried it. It has made a world of difference in my son, he is breathing better, no more coughing in the middle of the nights, no choking up and having to sit up on pillows to sleep. I only have him on 5 drops 2 times a day. This stuff is amazing.


But before I stop at this story, I have one more, I signed up right away and have it sent to me monthly. When I received my distributorship package in the mail, I read it all. In it said you could put it in the animals water to keep it fresh. Well we have 2 cats, male and female. The female started to get a lump in the area of her milk gland, and it began to grow. Well having worked for Vets for years, I thought the worst, cancer. So since we used the same medications on animals that humans take, I decided to try some H+ on the cat. I put 5 drops in her water, several times a day. She began to sleep a lot, but that's the only side effect I noticed. After 2 weeks the lump was almost gone. Now it can't hardly be felt. I have cut back on the amount now to 1 drop daily. She is acting like a normal 6 month old kitten again. This stuff is amazing.


For those of you that are reading this, you might be saying " yeah, right." But I am the world's worst at believing things work. If something was wrong, I went to the Doctors, took my kids to the Doctors. But thanks to my mom's persistence, she has helped me see that isn't not always the answer. Thanks mom. Thanks GHT, for such a great product. I'm using it now too!  

--Lisa D., Devine, TX




Let me first say this product is truly amazing. I have been using herbs and vitamins for about 20 years and nothing even comes close to Silica Plus.


First I will tell you about my 11 yr. old son. He has had pneumonia 4 times since he was 6. The medicine the doctor gave him for asthma gave him terrible migraines. So I put him on an herbal program of my own design. He was taking 8 different herbal combinations and vitamins to keep him well. And at times we still had to give him medicine from the doctor. Since starting on the Silica Plus we have discontinued everything except his calcium at night. He is so happy not to be taking all those pills.


My daughter has terrible trouble with her sinuses. Some days she would have to carry the tissue box around with her, or better a bucket! Herbs didn't help. They made her shaky and upset her stomach. Sometimes the herbs made her nose worse. She got so she didn't want to take any more pills. After a few days on the Silica Plus I noticed that she wasn't blowing her nose constantly. I asked her and she said she was able to breathe fine. Thanks!!! Silica Plus.

--Teresa P., Texarkana, AR

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